Precious are the days

I jotted this little poem down a month or so ago. It was begging to be posted but there always seemed to be a speed bump or two in the way.

And then after this past week, things started to make sense.

I believe that things happen for a reason, whether we realize it at the time or not. When I wrote this poem, I was sitting at the kitchen table with my daughter. I was deep in thought, anyone who writes or blogs knows the feeling.

I was thinking of how mundane and endless the days seem to be while I’m in this season of motherhood. And then I feel like God really flipped the switch and helped me to see the other side. The side that sees this rich, unique beauty that only shines when our children are small.

This poem just came pouring out. At the time I guess I didn’t fully understand where these words were coming from. Sometimes God leads me to write something with others in mind. But this was a different experience for me.

Because a few months after I wrote this, I thought I was for sure going to transition to working part-time. It seemed like such a right decision. And then my expectations and dreams came crashing down as I realized that childcare for my kids was just not going to happen. Everything I would make at work (and more) would go to childcare.

There was no point in starting a job. I was devastated, to say the least. And confused. And mad. So, I sat down and I thought about what I should do.

I thought about this poem, I thought about my blog. And right now, to me it seems like God just wants me here. Right here, at home. And I’m trying to make my peace with it.

If I can’t go out and serve people, maybe I should just do what I can at home. Do I always love it? No, not always. It’s really trying at times. At times the big picture is hard for me to see.

I read (and am still reading) a book by Jessica Smartt called Memory-Making Mom: Building Traditions That Breathe Life Into Your Home. In it, she talks about the importance of stopping the busyness of life to just have fun with our kids.It’s not always easy for me to cut loose, so I’ve found what she has written to be incredibly helpful. It’s so nice to have encouragement and ideas when I’m sleep deprived or what have you.

If you are a stay-at-home mom (or dad) and really maybe have trouble seeing that silver lining in the midst of heavy demands, I invite you to take a look at my newest poem, Precious are the Days.

Precious are the Days

Precious are the days

That pass us so slow

That tire and nettle and squeeze.

Yet treasures there are, yo-ho

And pirates we can be, if you please.

Image by sever111 from Pixabay

Campfire laughs

Sticky pinesap snap.

A life not lived by halves.

Dotted line map.

Precious are the days.

Image by sever111 from Pixabay

Amphibious delight

Soft as we go

Quieter and quieter as dusk turns to night

Dear frogy, we are friend, not foe.

Precious are the days.

Wish on a star

Shooting by

Fingers stretch, but still so far

Yet the joy is alive in your eyes.

Image by rbalouria from Pixabay

Precious are the days

That pass us so slow

That tire and nettle and squeeze.

May we know as we go

The wisdom of happy moments seized.

Cover image by Leeanne Burnworth from Pixabay

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